✌️Say Hallo to MapMetrics

A drive to earn crypto navigation app powering the evolution of DePIN
MapMetrics is not just a crypto navigation app—it's a revolutionary platform designed to empower users to actively contribute to and share live traffic and map metadata. Our goal is to create a decentralized Web3 map of the world. With MapMetrics, you can seamlessly update live road and map information, ensuring that our map is continuously up-to-date 24/7.
We prioritize our users' privacy through the implementation of Web3 data collection principles, ensuring user anonymity during navigation. Users actively contributing to our platform will be rewarded with MMAP tokens. Subsequently, we repurchase these tokens using earnings generated from our business model, thereby visualizing the genuine value of data.
Welcome to the future of map-building with MapMetrics—where you're not just a user but an essential part of a global community shaping the way we navigate the world.
Last modified 1mo ago