🏦 Tokenomics

MMAPS, earned via MapMetrics app, exchange your data. We boost token value by repurchasing from the community, evaluating your data's worth.

Transparent tokenomics πŸ”Ž

At MapMetrics, our primary mission revolves around establishing the true value of community data. To achieve this, a substantial 84% of our utility token, MMAP, is earmarked for distribution among dedicated community members who contribute to platform maintenance. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our tokenomics graph.

Operating on the Solana blockchain as an SPL, MMAP symbolizes a fixed and deflationary supply. With a maximum token supply of 64,285,009,000, a figure representing the total length of all roads in the world, our approach is both symbolic and purposeful. All tokens were minted at the project's inception.

As a strategic allocation, 10% of the maximum token supply is immediately dedicated to MapMetrics, ensuring a strong foundation. Another 5% is directed to a marketing wallet for strategic outreach, while 1% is made available for presale opportunities. The remaining tokens are gradually released and assigned to reward data streams and in-app incentives, reflecting our commitment to fair and sustainable token distribution.

Token reward streams 🌊

In our dynamic tokenomics model, the distribution of tokens unfolds on a daily basis as transfers occur for the total batch available for that day. This ensures a real-time and responsive allocation strategy, aligning with the evolving dynamics of user engagement. The distribution is meticulously structured across three key streams:

  1. SPT Data Rewards (Stream 1 - 76%):

    • Users contributing data to our blockchain are rewarded generously with a substantial 76% of the daily token allocation. This prominent orange bar signifies our commitment to acknowledging and appreciating users for their valuable data contributions.

  2. In-App Rewards (Stream 2 - 4%):

    • For those who go above and beyond by providing extra live data within the app, we have allocated 4% for in-app rewards. Represented by a vibrant yellow bar, this incentive aims to enhance user engagement and further enrich the data ecosystem within our platform.

  3. MapMetrics (Stream 3 - 20%):

    • A significant 20% of the daily token distribution is allocated to MapMetrics, represented by a distinct red bar. This allocation is dedicated to system maintenance and the continuous enhancement of our application, ensuring a robust and evolving platform for our user community.

This daily tokenomics structure not only emphasizes rewarding user participation but also underscores our commitment to the daily evolution, sustainability, and development of our platform. It is a testament to our vision of creating a thriving ecosystem where user contributions are duly recognized, and the platform continually evolves to meet the growing needs of our community.

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