Drive to Earn 🚗🛵🚲

Turn every mile into tokens effortlessly with our crypto navigation app – whether for free or with our hardware integration, your journey now comes with built-in rewards!

How to join 💡

Becoming a part of the MapMetrics community is easy and completely free. Just follow these straightforward steps to join the mapping movement:

  1. Download the application on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Connect your Solana-based wallet.

And voilà, you're all set to kick off your journey!

Note that creating an account is not mandatory to use the app. As soon as users want to collect and redeem their rewards, an account is required.

Our aim is to keep the entry barrier as low as possible, ensuring that users can effortlessly join and contribute to the healthy growth of our community. Let's drive this movement together!

Map and earn 🗺️🪙

After you've logged in and started driving with navigation mode, you automatically begin earning $MMAP at no cost to you. Your presence on the road contributes valuable data to the network, and for every mile you travel, you earn an amount based on your current level. Simply set your destination, and you're on your way to accumulating rewards. After every trip, you will receive a pop-up notification displaying the amount of $MMAP earned and the XP you've gained. To further boost your free earnings, actively update live traffic or map metadata during your journey. Enjoy your drive, accumulate earnings, and maximize your benefits with MapMetrics.

Leveling up XP 🎮

While using navigation mode, you don't only earn $MMAP; you are also collecting XP points. With these XP points, you're able to level up. Begin increasing in ranks to boost your earnings. The higher your ranks get, the more you will start earning per mile, rewarding our users who stick with the project and help it grow. As you accumulate XP points, you not only enhance your status within the community but also unlock additional benefits and features, making your navigation experience even more rewarding. So, keep driving, leveling up, and enjoy the increasing rewards that come with your commitment to our growing community.

SPT - Boost your earnings! 🚀

To truly elevate your earnings to a more substantial level, consider investing in a Special Position Tracker, commonly known as an SPT. These devices play a crucial role by encrypting the data collected, ensuring authenticity by confirming the presence of real users behind the device. This added layer of security not only enhances the accuracy of the data but also contributes to a more robust and reliable network.

Interested in learning more about the benefits and features of the SPT? Explore additional details and information about the Special Position Tracker by clicking here.

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